We follow the curriculum which is university affiliated, and our teachers excellency make the curricular more comprehensive, well-rounded, immersive which includes Kathak Dance theory and it’s cultural history, fitness and body & leg movement with a perfect combination of Taal, sound of Bells & Tabla bol. Currently in our Bangalore Centre, we have many students over various age groups who are undergoing different levels of training & appearing examination under University grade.
Our main objective is to develop and nurture the authentic traditions of classical Kathak and creating a complete artist, future teachers and choreographers. Within a short period of time Sangeet Gurugriha recognized as one of excellence for its unique training and methodology.

Benefits of this course:
– You can learn Kathak dance ( Lucknow /Banaras / Jaipur gharana) with Tabla live sangat under highly experienced Teachers/ Gurus.
– You can choose Flexible weekend batch (2 Hrs per week)
– You can get One to One attention as batch size is restricted to only 15 Students
– You can get certificate after a successful completion one year . Can appear exam under renowned university. Exam are conducted @ our Institute only.
– You can get many opportunity to perform internal and external Events , Stage shows , Competition & TV shows .

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Kathak is one of the most important classical dances of India which is originated in North India states of Uttar Pradesh. The word kathak means “to tell a story”. The “Kathakars” communicate stories through rhythmic foot movements, hand gestures, facial expressions and eye work accompanied by tabla .
This performing art that incorporates legends from ancient mythology & great Indian epics, especially from the life of Lord Krishna & katha of Ramayana, Mahabharata. In Mugal kingdom It’s became acknowledged by the royal courts of the Mughal. Kathak gradually moved out of the temples and into the courts of the rulers; the Hindu maharajas and the Muslim nawabs.
Three specific forms of this style that is three gharanas (schools), which namely, the Jaipur gharana, the Benaras gharana and the Lucknow gharana.

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